The Pond by Barb Auch

“Mom, can Jayne and Wendy come over to play?” I asked.  We want to practice some of our soccer skills.  “Sure,” she replied. I knew what my mom would say next. Remember to be careful around the pond.

My friends liked playing in my backyard.  They enjoyed our small pond with many goldfish, frogs and beautiful lily pads.  The pond also had a bridge extending out to the center with a small gazebo.  Feeding the fish and hanging out on the gazebo was always fun to do.

On this day, something terrible happened! Jayne’s little brother, Fred, came over with her. She was watching him while her mom went to a dentist appointment.  I didn’t mind, Fred was easy to have around.

We decided to practice our footwork by setting up cones.  Wendy was the first to kick the soccer all, weaving in and out of the course.  I quickly got bored with that activity. I was thinking how fun it would be to have a competition and time us. Everyone agreed.  It became a real serious game.

Meanwhile, we weren’t paying much attention to Fred. Suddenly, Jayne looks up and spots Fred at the edge of the pond leaning in to catch a fish.

“Fred, she yells, be careful!” Just at that moment he looked at her and waffled, losing his balance.  His hands went flailing above his head as he tried frantically to grab hold of something.  My heart sank to my feet. For a moment I couldn’t move my body.  My heart was pounding out of my chest.

Seconds later I sprang into action, treading carefully into the muck at the bottom of the pond. “Fred”, I screamed, “grab my hand!”

His eyes were bulging out of his head as he tried to clutch my extended arm.

Finally, I was able to grab hold of his waving arm and pull him out.


2 thoughts on “The Pond by Barb Auch

  1. I noticed some wonderful word choice in this piece: waffled, weaving, muck. I also liked how you opened with the innocent conversation with your mom – her advice to be careful of the pond felt like foreshadowing…. I knew there was something bad coming!

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