What Time Is It? by Ben Brezic

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4 thoughts on “What Time Is It? by Ben Brezic

  1. This piece connected with me on so many levels.I have that same feeling about watches worn and worn out. The worn out ones are hard to replace. Nothing else seems worthy. The connections to family are quite profound. I love how you took time through the story, a circling back to now. Well done. A great read.

  2. I really enjoyed your story, Ben. I kept wanting to know what happened next and I love how the watch told the reader about you. Loved the connections you made. (Bravo for travelling the world!)

  3. What fun to read and feel the suspense of where Ben will go with his watch. The watch truly was a metaphor for your journeys in life. A wonderful narrative!

  4. Ahhh…. time and its mysteries. I would really appreciate a watch that would – as we were taught writers should do – stretch out the important bits and shorten the other bits. Good Luck on your watch watch….. really appreciated your story and story skills.

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