About Our Page

This summer, thousands of teachers from all across the world will attend institutes hosted by the Teachers College Reading & Writing Project. Every year, teachers write gorgeous stories, essays, poems, and nonfiction writing. This year, I’m hosting this blog as a place where teachers can share the writing they create during their institutes with me. For many, this is the first time they have ever shared their writing. So, please, enjoy, and definitely leave us a comment or two while you’re here!

You will find several different types of writing on this blog:

1. Writing that teachers plan to use as examples (aka mentor texts) with children.

2. Writing that teachers might use as part of a lesson or a conference. This writing might have mistakes or pieces left out intentionally, so that it can be added in during a lesson.

3. Teachers’ own writing. This includes stories, essays, letters, poems and other kinds of writing that they are working on for themselves, not necessarily to share with kids.

For more information about TCRWP’s summer institutes for teachers, administrators, and literacy coaches, visit our website.


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